How Will Luggage Direct's 2021 Black Friday Sale Work

Black Friday 2021

Luggage Direct welcomes you back to our 6th Black Friday Sale!  It was only 6 years ago when we first wrote this blog, and most Australian's said "What is a Black Friday Sale?  Now the initially American Ecommerce Black Friday Sale is one of the biggest online sales in Australia, rivalling the local Click Frenzy sale!

Unique Australia Gift Ideas

Investing in a unique Australian gift for a friend or a loved one, has never been so important!

Gift giving is an artform!  The gift you choose reflects your level of insight into the receiver, and the value of your gift, often reflects the value you place on that relationship.  Personalised Australian gifts capture this ethos perfectly

What is the best 4 wheel suitcase?

4 wheel suitcases have nearly replaced 2 wheel suitcases, because they are so convenient, and easy to manoeuvre through crowds. But some of these 4 wheel suitcases can sustain wheel damage! How do you assess the wheel strength of a suitcase? Are 4 dual wheels better than 4 single wheels? Are removable suitcase wheels the answer? What is the best 4 wheel suitcase?

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