Can suitcases be recycled?

 In a world of limited resources, environmentally focussed travellers are asking the question, “Can suitcases be recycled?”.

 Depending on your definition of recycling, the answer is Yes!

How Will Luggage Direct's Black Friday Sale Work?


Black Friday 2018

Luggage Direct welcomes you back to our 3rd Black Friday Sale!  It was only 3 years ago when I first wrote this blog, most Australian's said what is a Black Friday Sale?  Now the initially American Ecommerce Black Friday Sale is one of the biggest online sales in Australia, rivalling the local Click Fenzy sale!

Making a European winter magical

3 Things You Need to Bring to Make Your European Winter Magical

-          By Outdoortravelgirl Nov ‘18

 Outdoortravelgirl_cosmoliteThere is a touch of frost in the air in Europe as winter begins to descend, and the smell of warm croissants envelope you as you walk past the local boulangerie (bakery). 

I am currently in Belgium and the Christmas lights are already beginning to appear in windows on the quaint cobbled streets. 

Winter in Europe is a magical place, filled with snow-capped mountains, mulled wine (hot wine - no it's not as gross as it sounds), and petite Christmas markets with real pine Christmas trees in a lot of the towns and villages. 

For many of us Australians who have never experienced a white Christmas, it's an exciting time, and an experience you will never forget.  

 Although it really is a magical season, it's always important that when you come across to Europe you are prepared. 

Here are three things that I recommend for any Aussies who are traveling across to Europe this winter. 

Can suitcases be locked when flying?

Can suitcases be locked when flying?

Ever since the Schapelle Corby case, where she claimed baggage handlers tampered with her luggage, travellers have been more concerned about the security of their suitcases.  The double fear of having something stolen, and of having something added!  Also with the introduction of TSA locks and the demands of United States authorities about access to a traveller’s suitcase, there is significant confusion out there about the locking of luggage.  Especially as many travellers still hold older quality luggage without inbuilt TSA locks.

A Customer Review of the unique Lojel Cubo Suitcase

My Wife and I had a great time on the tour visiting iconic landmarks, eating delicious pastries and enjoying the local   wines, but a 20 day Top Deck bus tour is a gruelling experience for luggage. There’s snow, sleet, cobblestone and   stuffing the bag full of jumpers at 6am before it is mercilessly shoved into the bus’s hold. Both our Lojel Cubo’s stood   up to these tests and passed with flying colours! 

My Wife and I bought a pair of medium Burgundy Red Lojel Cubo hard-side bags about 12 months ago and they   have been amazing for both business and holidaying (My bag has already travelled more than 50,000KM’s!). The   most recent adventure that the Lojel Cubo went on was a 30 day trip in Europe including a 20 day Top Deck bus   tour in the middle of winter. 

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