About Backpacks

The backpack has been a part of human history forever.  Now, in the 21st century, leading backpack manufacturers such as High Sierra, Caribee, Black Wolf and Samsonite, have combined technology, design, and fashion to provide us customised backpacks for all our endeavours.

The myriad of choices available in backpacks can make choosing one very difficult. Here are 3 simple questions to assist you when purchasing a backpack.

Q1. Will you be carrying a laptop or some other electronic device in it? Laptops have increased our flexibility and mobility, but they need protection from bumps and drops. From a simple Techspot pocket for the laptop like the High Sierra Fatboy 39 Litre backpack through to the Samsonite Viz Air Plus business backpack with “gel like” air bumpers on the bottom and corners for protection. Also ensure your laptop will fit into your backpack.

Q2. Do you want an external pocket for a drink bottle or some other specific feature? See a list of useful features on the daypack page.

Q3. Would having the flexibility of being able to wheel your backpacks be a benefit? Samsonite has released the Casual wheeled business backpack; one can use it as a backpack carrying texts and a laptop on your back leaving your hands free. But if you're in a hostel or airport you can wheel it like a piece of luggage. If one is heading “off road” with a trekpac, would being able to wheel the load be a positive when in the city? E.g. Black Wolf, Caribee and High Sierra have designed a full range of wheeled duffles with backpack harnesses to assist the modern back packer.

Caribee Backpaacks

From carrying your books to school or your lunch to work, there is a Daypack Backpack in the right fashion colour and style to suit you.  There are Laptop Backpacks and Tablet Backpacks to transport and protect your digital tools.  As well as Business backpacks, Camera backpacks, and Security Backpacks with RFID Blocking capability.  

Blackwolf Backpacks

However the backpacks of today that excite most are the backpacks of the modern adventurer!  The wheeled backpacks and treckpack Backpacks with which we explore the world!

High Sierra Backpacks