Wine Travel Bag

Wine lovers the world over, love to bring that special bottle home, to share with friends!

However we all fear the day when one breaks! Well Australian ingenuity to the rescue, with the Wine Travel Bag.

No it cannot protect your bottle from the baggage handler’s “love”, but it protects everything else if they smash it.

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About Wine Travel Bag

The Wine Travel Bag is the perfect gift for your wine loving friends, or as a Gift Bag for that bottle of wine you are giving!

Available in “Business Black”, Floral and Marble, the Wine Travel Bag will enhance the whole gift giving experience.

The “wine loving” traveller should be aware, that most modern softside suitcases now lack any backing boards, and hence readily get crushed in the hold of the Areoplane.

Even within a hardside suitcase, the impact of being thrown by the baggage handler, is sufficient to smash your prized bottle.

And finally, the Wine Travel Bag also works perfectly for bottles of perfume, olive oil, medicine, sauce, coffee, beer, liqueurs and spirits.

RECOMMENDATION: Put one in your suitcase, and leave it there……… just in case!

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