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Security Home Access & Keys

While sipping a pinot in Paris, exactly where are the keys to your $112,000 BMW back in Brisbane?  Teenagers are now breaking into expensive homes to access carkeys to go JOY RIDING!  Travellers now need to think of security, keys and access at home when they travel.  By strategically installing a key lockbox in your home, you can minimise your risk of theives stealing your car to joy ride, while travelling, and also when you are at home.  Also installing a basic key lockbox externally on your home, allows easy secure access for the family, or a guest, pet sitter, gardener, cleaner, or emergency repairperson. 

Sandleford security products are designed for security and practicality.  While swimming at your local beach, you can securely place your car, bike or ute key in a portable key storage safe attached to your car or anything solid.  Or the portable key safe can provide safe and secure communal access to a shed or a property, for your family, friends or community members.  So whether travelling overseas or at home, when you need to think of preventing theft, or providing access, invest in Sandleford wall mounted key storage safes, Sandleford wall mounted key drop boxes, or Sandleford portable key storage safes.

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