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Luggage Packing Systems

Packing smart, makes travelling so much easier!  Use Packing Cubes and Packing Sacks so you to rapidly find what you need in your suitcase. Use Garment Folders to neatly fold your special outfit, so it is far less crumpled on arrival. If you have too much to pack, use Compression Packing Cubes and Compression Bags.  Experienced travellers utilise Packing Sets to professionally pack their suitcase. Everything in the correct packing instrument, with the correct size, in the correct colour, and strategically packed in the correct place.

Eagle Creek invented and perfected Packing Systems with their original Pack-It range and their super-light Spectre range, and empower everyone to make packing an art form! Click here to become a packing expert!

If not convinced (or not OCD enough), American Tourister provide a budget set of packing cubes.  Start with a 5 piece set of customised packing cubes for less than $20!Also the Australian accessory company Korjo, and the international accessory company Go Travel, have budget packing cubes, packing cases, zippered packing cubes and compression bags.

TRAVEL TIP: Compression bags have multiple uses.  By utilising the one-way valve, one can roll up bulky clothes and squeeze the air out, compressing them to over half their size.  However, they are also large enough for holding dirty laundry. And for swimmers and gym junkies, the compression bag is water-resistant and great for wet smelly clothes.

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We all have different styles of packing. Some of us roll things and then bundle them inside our baggage. Some of us compress them inside a bag while others prefer to fold and pack them in sealed bags and then in the luggage. We understand that everyone has his/ her different style and therefore we offer you an extensive range of Packing systems.

The leading experts in providing products to help travellers pack more neatly and efficiently, is Eagle Creek. For detailed information on packing cubes, packing sacs, garment folders, shoe bags and toiletry kits click here.