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Australian Made

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Buying Australian Made products from your local Australian owned family businesses, not only feels good, but is now imperative for our country’s sovereignty.  As an Australian owned family business, Luggage Direct is very proud to diversify into Australian Made products related to travel, as sadly all suitcases are made overseas.  (Note: we do support Australian designed brands such as Caribee, Delphin, BlackWolf, Volair and Korjo, which are owned by Australian families.)

So enjoy an Aussie road trip holiday and visit the relatives, with your dog restrained by an Australian made car seat belt, sitting next to the cat in her Aussie made pet carrier, as you nibble on your Australian Made kangaroo jerky.  Don’t forget the beautiful Australian crafted banksia pod aromatherapy gift for your sister, and the set of Australian made camphor laurel timber cutting boards and platters you bought for Mum.  Finally visualise the smiles on your nephew’s and nieces faces when you hand out those Australian made plush toys, and the Australian Made chocolate coated macadamias. Make some Australian Made memories today.

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