Can You List 8 Quality International Luggage Brands available in Australia?

What brand of luggage do you own? Is it a quality brand? Is it a truly international brand, sold outside of Australia? Does it really matter? 

Yes, it does because a consumer can confidently purchase any product, if it is a recognized brand, and she can know it is a quality product if it is sold by a reputable company. 

Sadly in Australia, a consumer can easily list quality car brands or watch brands, but will struggle to name more than 3 luggage brands, “Samsonite, Antler and ….?” This brief article aims to change that! 


How can a consumer know if a brand is a quality brand? A simple way is to check what the major department stores sell. Major department stores have professional buyers, who know their products and who only deal with reputable companies who honour their warranties. Example in Australia, if Myers or David Jones stocks a specific brand of luggage, then you can be confident it is at least medium to high quality. 

Internationally Recognised? 

How can a consumer know if a luggage brand is internationally recognised? This is difficult as there are many small high-quality luggage brands around the world. However, if we apply the same “department store logic”, at least a few truly international luggage brands will be uncovered. 

In Table 1 below we selected two famous department stores from the UK and two from the U.S. If a specific luggage brand available in Australia is also selected by these department stores, the consumer can confidently say they have quality, international brand luggage.

Table 1.  

David Jones Myers Luggage Direct Bloomingdales Macys Harrods Selfridges
Samsonite Samsonite Samsonite Samsonite   Samsonite Samsonite
Delsey   Delsey Delsey Delsey   Delsey
Brics     Brics   Brics Brics
Tumi     Tumi   Tumi Tumi
    Travelpro Travelpro Travelpro   Travelpro
  Lipault Lipault  Lipault     Lipault
  Hartman   Hartman Hartman    
Antler Antler Antler       Antler
        Victorinox   Victorinox
        Kipling   Kipling
      Briggs & Riley     Briggs & Riley
          Rimowa Rimowa
          Globetrotter Globetrotter
            Hideo Wakamatsu


Current luggage brands for sale in international department stores. Jan 2015 (data source = store websites)

Samsonite Firelite



1. Samsonite: With an estimated 60% of the world luggage market, Samsonite is found in all 3 countries and is stocked by 5 of the 6 leading department stores.

 Delsey Chatelet



2. Delsey: As the No. 1 French luggage company, and with France being renowned for class and style, Delsey is also found in all 3 countries, and is stocked by 4 of the 6 leading department stores.




3. Brics: Was founded near Lake Como, in Northern Italy in 1952, and has a unique style. This famous upmarket brand was found in all 3 countries, and in 4 of 6 stores. 




4. Tumi: Is arguably the highest quality American Luggage manufacturer. This famous “High End” brand was also found in all 3 countries in 4 of 6 stores. 

 Travelpro Maxlite 2



5. TravelPro: Originally designed by an American pilot, TravelPro has become the choice of the flight crew, due to its practical functionality and outstanding durability. TravelPro is found in all 3 countries and in 3 of the 4 international department stores.

 Lipault Luggage



6. Lipault: Is a young luggage brand, only starting in 2008. Lipault combines the practical, beautiful and light, in some ingenious ways. Example: a foldable suitcase. Lipault is represented in each country in 3 of the 6 stores.

 Hartman luggage



7. Hartman:  Dating back to 1877, Hartman Luggage is an American institution of quality, durability and class. This is reflected by it being offered by both American stores, and not the English.

 Antler Juno



8. Antler: Is a classical British company, established over 100 years ago. It maintains a traditional British design for style & durability. Reflecting this British heritage it is strongly represented in Australia and Britain, but not the 2 American stores. 

Luggage Direct Store Front

Summary: Luggage Direct is Australia's largest luggage superstore and is proud to introduce Australians to 5 of these 8 Truly International, quality brands, Samsonite, Delsey, & Antler