3 Space Saving Collapsible, Foldable Luggage Solutions

More and more Australians live in units, apartments, flats and townhouses each year. The house on a quarter acre is becoming just a dream for many, and for others, they are making it a memory. Yes, many make a lifestyle choice to shun the lawn mowing and pool cleaning and opt for unit living. 

This style of living is very attractive for the avid traveller, who can lock the door and travel for weeks or months without a care. The only problem is “Where do I put my suitcase when I get home?”

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Floor Plan Two Bedroom House

The Architects didn’t consider the storage of suitcases when designing your unit! The problem is becoming worse, as many modern suitcases sold as a set, now do not nest inside each other. This requires you to store 3 separate suitcases.


A) Luggage rental: In the USA and Japan there are specific businesses which rent luggage. Example: Rent Luggage. However, no Australian operation appears to rent suitcases here.

B) Collapsible or Foldable luggage and suitcases: Yes a wheeled suitcase, with structural strength for travelling, which can collapse or fold to 50% of its size or less, so it can easily be stored. In Australia, there are two main options. The budget Upptacka from Ikea or the more stylish Pliable 0% suitcase from Lipault.

Upptacka by Ikea: Yes the Swedish homewares giant also has budget luggage.

upptacka by ikea





The Upptacka is a simply collapsible suitcase and potentially not a practical option for the serious traveller, as it only has a 60-litre capacity.

It is more suited for short getaways. With most large suitcases having capacities of 100 to 120 litres, one needs to be a light packer to travel with only 60 litres. But it is easy to store.

Pliable 0% by Lipault:

Lipault is a modern dynamic luggage manufacturer from Paris, France. Francois Lipovetsky launched Lipault in 2005 with the goal of putting the fun back into travel. In this short period of 10 years, Lipault has become a truly international brand and is now found in the major department stores of the world. Can You List 8 Quality International Luggage Brands Available In Australia?

The foldable Pliable 0% suitcase comes in 3 sizes, with the large 75cm Lipault Pliable 0% suitcase having practical 102 litres of packing capacity, and only weighs 3.6 kg.

Lipault Pliable Foldable Blue Lipault Pliable Foldable Red





As can be seen in the images, not only does the Lipault Pliable 0% suitcase collapse down to approximately one-third of its size, it comes with its own durable dustproof storage case.

The complete set of Lipault Pliable 0% also includes a 65cm Medium case and a 55cm cabin suitcase. Providing a collapsible suitcase for any journey, long or short.

C) Wheeled Duffles: The traditional option for collapsible luggage. For those who like more casual, outdoors look there are a plethora of wheeled duffles from quality manufactures like Caribee, Black Wolf, High Sierra, Samsonite, and IT Luggage. Ranging from wheeled cabin duffles with or without backpack straps. 

Example: Samsonite Albi: Only 1.9 kg, through to the Black Wolf Bladerunner 110 + 20, which expands to a large 130 litres of packing capacity. 

With wheeled duffles there is a wide range of quality, sizes, prices and features to consider; hence the traveller should review blogs, like “Which Wheel duffle is best?” 

Summary: As the percentage of Australians living in compact dwelling rises, the storage of bulky products like luggage and suitcases will become more problematic. Possibly an enterprising luggage retailer might start a luggage rental business in Australia. In the meantime, manufacturers like Lipault have created stylish durable practical suitcases, which can collapse and solve your storage problem.