Samsonite Cosmolite FL Range

Cosmolite FL was the lightest hard-side luggage available, until the release of Samsonite’s new Lite-shock in late 2015. Made from Curv Material in Europe, Cosmolite FL is a great investment for the frequent traveler. It is durable, Strong, Light, and Visually Stunning. If you want the best modern luggage, then Cosmolite FL is for you.

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About Samsonite Cosmolite FL Range

Cosmolite FL is a great investment for the frequent traveller. It is durable, Strong, Light, Visually stunning and made in Europe. If you want the best modern luggage, the Cosmolite FL is for you.

Samsonite Cosmolite FL Cost Benefit Analysis. 

With a recommended retail price of nearly $3000 for a full four piece set, investing in SamsoniteCosmoliteFLluggage is a serious step. Why is a SamsoniteCosmoliteFLsuitcase so good, and which type of traveller should invest in this premium luggage style? 

Why? Technically the perfect suitcase is the LIGHTEST one, with the biggest CAPACITY, which is the most DURABLE, and protects the traveller’s possessions the best. Other key criteria for the experienced traveller are warranty, image, style and colour. The Cosmolite FL from Samsonite, comes very close to the perfect suitcase. 

Example: A largeCosmoliteFL hardside suitcase, at 3.1kg is lighter than most modern suitcases, and of an equivalent large capacity of 123 litres. Hence the Cosmolite FL suitcase provides all the benefits of a softside, with all the benefits of a hardside suitcase plus more! No outside pockets for criminals to add to or steal from. Water resistance when caught in the rain. Physical hardcase protection of the trolley handle and the traveller’s possessions.

 Who? Which type of traveller will benefit most from purchasing Samsonite’s range of luggage? Four obvious groups would be:

  • The senior traveller
  • The image conscious
  • The frequent flyer
  • The “Walk on, Walk Off” flyer 

It is a little morbid, but the senior traveller, often views a luggage purchase, as possibly their final one. If so, they want the lightest most protective secure case possible. They will readily retire their old heavy 6kg suitcase, and invest in a Cosmolite at half the weight. 

It is not vanity, but astute professionalism, which causes the business traveller to invest in the luggage they wheel into the room, which will reflect well on them. First impressions are vital, and Samsonite is a statement of quality and reliability, and now throughout the business world, a Curv technology suitcase, likeCosmoliteFL, is a marketer for cutting edge technology, enhancing the business traveller’s professional image. 

The Frequent flyer exposes their luggage to the ravages of the baggage handler; ten fold more than the average holiday maker. From harsh experience they know the impact that a bent handle or a broken wheel on their suitcase can have on the enjoyment of their trip. Samsonite’sCosmoliteFLseries of suitcases, with their highly impact resistant Curv technology, lead the world in durability, giving the traveller confidence. 

The final group of travellers, who gladly invest in a Cosmolite FL suitcase, are those travellers wanting to avoid the baggage carousel all together. With most flights restricting cabin baggage allowance to 7kg, the “walk on, walk off’ traveller needs the lightest cabin bag possible. At only 1.8kg, the Cosmolite FL is the lightest hardside cabin suitcase available on the market. Enabling the traveller to fly with 5.2kg of luggage and never waste time at the baggage carousel.