Samsonite Armet

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About Samsonite Armet

Samsonite Armet is classic Samsonite! Big, Strong and Durable. Made from 100% PC and incorporating ever-strong Samsonite spinner wheels, the traveller should not need the unique Samsonite 10 year international warranty but it does add to that sense of Samsonite security! As Per the 2015 luggage trends, the Armet is also lighter than its predecessor, the Colory.

2014 Samsonite Colory   2015 Samsonite Armet
Samsonite Colory Cabin Bag



- 2.9 KG - 2.6 KG

Samsonite Armet Cabin Bag  
Samsonite Colory Medium Suitcase  



- 3.5 KG - 3.5 KG

Samsonite Armet Medium Suitcase  
Samsonite Colory Large Suitcase



 - 4.7 KG - 4.5 KG

 Samsonite Armet Large Suitcase