Lojel Hatch

LOJEL HATCH is a revolutionary suitcase! The Lojel Hatch morphs the shape of a SOFTSIDE suitcase into a high quality HARDSIDE range of quality luggage. Now with a hardside suitcase, the traveller can access their belongings in the boot of their car with ease! Now the traveller can open their hardside suitcase on a small bench, instead of having to split it like a clam across the whole bed or floor! As with all Lojel’s, the Hatch has the high quality extras of “DOUBLE TEETH” zips, Hinomoto wheels to maximise strength, security and durability! Retire your old softside and upgrade to the revolutionary hardside Lojel Hatch!

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About Lojel Hatch

Lojel Hatch Luggage


The biggest innovation in luggage has arrived! 

The Amazing Lojel Hatch!

No more having to open your hardside suitcase on the floor!

No more having to open your hardside suitcase on the bed!

The amazing Hatch suitcase by Lojel, allows you to open your hardside suitcase in any small room!

Solution = Flat-Top Door

Lojel Hatch Luggage

Many travellers were attracted to the security benefits and beauty of a hardside suitcase, but refrain because they dislike having to open it "like a clam" on their hotel room bed or floor. The amazingly innovative Flat-Top door of the Lojel allows the traveller to open a hardside suitcase, like a softside suitcase. Simply place your Lojel Hatch bag on a bench or a luggage rack, and unzip the Flat-Top door.

In addition to the innovative Flat-Top Door, the Lojel Hatch also has:

Lojel's Unique Tamper Proof Zips - Stop theft or addition of dangerous item's to your suitcase via puncture proof "double tooth" zips. Traditional luggage zips can be punctured by a sharp object like a pen, allowing access to your belongings. Lojels unique tamper proof zips keep the travellers possessions safer, than standard zips.

Extra Strong Japanese Hinomoto Wheels - Rapid baggage handling regularly damages suitcase wheels, and often damaging the travellers holiday enjoyment dragging around a damaged suitcase. Lojel, Delsey, Antler and other quality manufacturers upgrade their suitcases with extra strong Japanese Hinomoto wheels.

  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty
  • TSA locking system
  • Advanced PC Polycarbonate
Lojel Hatch Range