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Yes! At long last a family holiday! Full of fun, colour and excitement! You need some Groove-Max luggage to add to the fun and colour!

IT Luggage Groove-Mac Charcoal Grey IT Luggage Groove-Max Blush it Luggage Groove-Max Large Lavender

Why Groove-Max?

1. Affordable: Every $ in the family holiday budget has to stretch! Groove-Max is exceptionally great value, especially if bought as a set.

2. Family-Size: Groove-Max suitcases are huge! A normal large suitcase has approximately 100 to 120 litres of packing space. A large Groove-Max can expand to 150 litres! Yes, heaps of room for all that outlet shopping you have planned.

3. Tough: Groove-Max is made of super tough ABS, by the IT Luggage Company, the 2nd largest in the world. Scratch resistant diamond emboss surface, and TSA lock security.

P.S. With these new 4 wheel spinner suitcases, Dad can be left to push 4 suitcases, and allow mum and the kids to Duty Free shopping!!!