IT Luggage Hard-Shell Expander

IT Luggage are the experts in expanding hardside suitcases. Where once a hardside bag had a standard set volume of 100 to 120 litres, now an IT Luggage expanding hardside suitcase can expand out to over 150 litres, giving the shopping traveller an extra 30 litres of packing space when needed!

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About IT Luggage Hard-Shell Expander

 This range of hardside suitcases has catapulted IT Luggage to becoming the 2nd largest manufacturer of luggage in the world! (By volume) 

3 Reasons to buy IT Luggage Hardside Suitcases.

1. Volume: Most large suitcases only have 100 to 120 litres of packing volume. IT Luggage has patented expander zips that routinely provide packing volume of 130 to 150 litres. Travellers who need bulky warm clothes or travellers who simply "over-shop" can readily access this extra 25% of packing space when needed. Most IT Luggage hardside bags have these zips, including the medium & the cabins.

2. Price: Travellers will not see glossy magazine spreads or stunning television commercials featuring IT Luggage. IT Luggage focuses on making quality suitcases at affordable prices.

3. Protection: Hardside suitcases protect the travellers belongings from rain, theft and damage far better than a softside suitcase. IT hardside suitcases also have the protection of an International manufacturer's warranty, with repairers in all states.

Featured Models:

Morelia: Light, Large and Strong.

it Luggage Morelia 3 Piece Set it Luggage Morelia Large Suitcase

it Luggage Morelia Medium Suitcase

it Luggage Morelia Cabin Purple

Porto: Proven Durability


it Luggage Porto Set

it Luggage Porto Set