Delsey U-Lite Classic

ULITE CLASSIC was initially bought into Australia exclusively for David Jones, the Ulite Classic is yet another example of intelligent French Design! With a more rounded design and a soft steel blue option, the Ulite Classic stands out in a crowd and is readily identified on the baggage carousel. Unlike many predecessors, the Delsey Ulite Classic has actually incorporated the TSA Lock onto the outside of the bag, to accommodate easier travel to the USA!

Delsey Ulite Classic = described as “Samsonite quality with French design”.

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About Delsey U-Lite Classic

Delsey is proud to announce the new U-LITE Classic.

Delsey's Paris based design team have refined the original Delsey U-Lite & added a modern low-profile TSA lock, to make the new Delsey U-Lite classic.

Delsey U-Lite Classic medium Suitcase  

"The Americans make boxes on wheels, while the French design luggage" 

This rather provocative statement is quite strongly reinforced when you compare the Delsey designers efforts with the original Delsey U-Lite, then the Delsey Tuileries and now the Delsey U-Lite Classic. All 3 suitcase models have superior designed zips and the large and medium come with an expansion system, when compared to their American competitors. Not to mention the far more beautiful French style of the Delsey bags, and their stunning pallet of colours.

Zips: Compare the double-zip strength and security of a Delsey suitcase VS the single now teeth of a Samsonite or Antler.

Expansion: Compare the 360° expansion capacity from the side. Notice the Delsey U-Lite Classics wide base and narrow top, notice how once the suitcase is fully expanded and packed with luggage, that it remains balanced and does not "fall on its face".