Advanced, high performance composite materials 

Developed and manufactured in the UK, Armordon® is a Self-Reinforcing Polypropylene (srPP) fabric that when layered and thermoformed exhibits a range of attractive properties.

Components manufactured from this material are extremely strong, light and impact resistant.

These capabilities are illustrated by the early adoption of Armordon® into the demanding arenas of ballistics and blast attenuation and are now being exploited in a range of applications, some of which are highlighted overleaf.

Armordon® also delivers the following qualities:

  • Low density with good stiffness properties
  • Impact resistant at low temperatures > -40⁰C
  • Self-reinforcing – requires no glass/carbon fibres or resin matrix
  • 100% recyclable
  • Safer to handle and easier to machine than ‘glass’ or ‘fibre’ composites
  • Non-toxic and inert
  • Good resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Broad thermoforming window with the possibility of reduced cycle times

Armordon® luggage - A travelling companion for the 21st Century

  • Armordon® belongs to a family of materials that represents the world’s best performing luggage.
  • Armordon® is extremely lightweight and incredibly tough - built to meet the needs of the modern traveller.
  • Designed to suit global tastes - Armordon® can be produced with a range of bespoke finishes from hi-tec metallic to traditional textile.

Armordon® / EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)

Developed in conjunction with a partner EPP processor, the impact resistance of Armordon® with Expanded Polypropylene is available in a super- lightweight, 100% recyclable 3-D form. This combination of material delivers attractive process cycle times and unique capabilities at commercially attractive costs. Applications include orthotics, prosthetics, automotive and leisure with particular suitability for nonballistic body protection, water sports and flotation applications.

Impact Flexural Strength Density


The key properties of Armordon® are created when the fabric is ‘consolidated’ under conditions of heat and pressure (Thermoforming).

Thermoforming generally involves preheating the material to between 120 - 140⁰C and compressing at a minimum of 50psi in matched (M/F) tools.

Working closely with our customers we are constantly challenging these parameters and recommend that you contact us to discuss your specific performance requirements and processing capabilities.

Armordon® is currently available to order in three basic colours natural (white), mid grey and dark grey/black.

Armarordon material